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Veterans Day Bingo

We honoring veterans this Sunday, Nov. 11! Veterans who bring in a valid military ID and purchase a regular session pack will receive a free intermission session packs. PLUS, the Red, White and Blue bingo games will have 2X the payout on Nov. 11!

 Official Rules Here.

Black Friday Bingo

Don’t wait in lines this Black Friday. Play Bingo with us for your chance to win a PS4 Pro!

 Official Rules Here.

Monthly Bingo Specials

Big Pay Out Night

Every Friday night will be “Big Pay Out Night.” $25 level 3-packs pay $1,199

King or Queen Night

Second Wednesday of every month.

Buddy Night

Every Saturday for paper packs only.

Bingo Progressives

U’Pickem – Bingo in 18#’s or less to win $19,500

Guaranteed $300 daily. Progressive Jackpot is 18 #’s or Less. Starting at $5,000. Jackpot progresses $250 Every Sunday.

Chickasaw Special – Win $7,500 when you bingo in 46#’s or less

Guaranteed for $300 Wednesday and Thursday, $400 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Progressive Jackpot starts at 46#’s for $7,500 prize and progresses one number every Sunday.

Goldmine Jackpot – Progressive is at $1,020

Guaranteed 70% of sales daily. Progressive Jackpot starts at $500, 30% of sales are added to the jackpot daily, capping at $1,199.

Pingo – Win $1,000 when you bingo in 49#’s or less

Guaranteed 90% of sales daily. Progressive Jackpot is 49#’s or less for $1,000 prize, and progresses one number every day. Consolation payout is Wednesday & Thursday $100, Friday, Saturday & Sunday $200. These progressive amounts are subject to change and were current as of 8:30 a.m. on Nov. 8, 2018.

 Bingo Machines

27 cards per machine and 5 backups, each backup contains 12 cards

Each Thursday, play our SPECIALLY-PRICED MACHINES:

$10 Level 1 machine pays $100, backup – Level 1 for $2
$25 Level 2 machine pays $250, backup – Level 2 for $7
$40 Level 3 machine pays $400, backup – Level 3 for $11

 November’s Drink Feature