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Lucky 7’s

June is for Lucky 7’s! Join us each Thursday this month for your chance to participate in our manual hopper drawing and win a share of $350! See the official rules here.

Gold Rush Jackpot Frenzy

Jackpots just got a little sweeter! Win a special or jackpot of $1,200 or more in April, May or June and receive $5 in Mega Frenzy tickets! See the official rules here.

Hot Bank Saturdays

Join us on Saturdays for hot bank drawings and your chance to win your share of $500 in cash! See the official rules here.

 Monthly Bingo Specials

Big Pay Out Night

Every Friday night will be “Big Pay Out Night.” $25 level 3-packs pay $1,199

King or Queen Night

Second Wednesday of every month.

Buddy Night

Every Saturday for paper packs only.

Bingo Progressives

U’Pickem – Bingo in 18#’s or less to win $14,500

Guaranteed $300 daily. Progressive Jackpot is 18 #’s or Less. Starting at $5,000. Jackpot progresses $250 Every Sunday.

Chickasaw Special – Win $7,500 when you bingo in 45#’s or less

Guaranteed for $300 Wednesday and Thursday, $400 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Progressive Jackpot starts at 38 #’s for $7,500 prize, and progresses one number every Sunday.

Goldmine Jackpot – Progressive is at $1,199

Guaranteed 70% of sales daily. Progressive Jackpot starts at $500, 30% of sales are added to the jackpot daily, capping at $1,199.

Pingo – Win $1,000 when you bingo in 51#’s or less

Guaranteed 90% of sales daily. Progressive Jackpot is 51 #’s or less for $1,000 prize, and progresses one number every day. Consolation payout is Wednesday & Thursday $100, Friday, Saturday & Sunday $200. These progressive amounts are subject to change and were current as of 1:00 p.m. on June 12, 2018.

 Bingo Machines

27 cards per machine and 5 backups, each backup contains 12 cards

Each Thursday, play our SPECIALLY-PRICED MACHINES:

$10 Level 1 machine pays $100, backup – Level 1 for $2
$25 Level 2 machine pays $250, backup – Level 2 for $7
$40 Level 3 machine pays $400, backup – Level 3 for $11

 Monthly Drink Feature